Text Box: PFRA Members consider each PFRA Scholarship recipient to be one of “our kids”!  We get to know each one through the application review process and many times through our association with their firefighter parent.  The scholarship funds we supply indicate our sincere support of their educational endeavors and their eventual life successes.  Once a scholarship is awarded, the check is sent to the educational institution, and the award ceremony is over, we rarely have occasion to hear from “our kids” again—but each year when we make additional awards we wonder what has happened to the previous recipients … where are they now?  This  Newsletter briefly tells their stories, to date.  Some are stories of academic success, some of business success, and some of personal/family success.  As you read the following pages, we know you will agree, that “our kids” are very special in many ways.  PFRA members are proud to have made a small contribution to their educational pursuits.   
Text Box: The PFRA Scholarship Program was founded in 2003 to benefit the sons and daughters of the employees of the Plano Fire Department. PFRA provides funding for this program from private and corporate donations. The number of scholarships and amount of each varies depending upon available funds each year. All applications must be submitted by May 15th of the current year.  See our website at http://www.pfra.net for application details.

Scholarship recipients are selected by the PFRA Scholarship Committee.  The Committee pledges its best efforts to make these awards with a concentration on the quality of the application and fairness to each applicant.  Selections are based on a numerical ranking of all applicants with emphasis on academic test scores and academic awards.  As can be seen on the following pages, this process has served us well!
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Scholarship Committee
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Text Box: Interesting Facts:
38 scholarships have been awarded since 2003
There have been 36 scholarship recipients
PFRA has made scholarship awards totaling $29,000  
Our recipients are nurses, teachers, doctors, engineers, firefighters, police officers,  business owners, writers, entrepreneurs, parents,  ... 
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