The Scholarship Program was founded in 2003 to benefit the sons and daughters of the employees of the Plano Fire Department.  PFRA provides funding for this program from private and corporate donations. The number of scholarships and amount of each varies depending upon available funds each year.  (2009 Update: Please note that scholarships are no longer available to previous recipients.)

Eligibility is based on the following criteria:

• Applicant must be a child/dependent of a currently employed, or retired, Plano Fire Department employee in good-standing.

• Applicant must be a high school graduate.

• Applicant must not have been convicted of a felony.

• Applicant must be under 25 years of age.

• Applicant must be enrolled for a minimum of 12 hours of college credits (or considered a full-time student by the institution) at an accredited college, university, or vocational school.

• Applicant must provide proof of college/school enrollment to PFRA Scholarship Committee prior to a scholarship payment being completed.

• If applicant is an incoming college freshman or equivalent, an acceptance letter, a fee receipt or other proof of enrollment from the college must be provided.

• Applicants may be requested to participate in a personal interview as part of the selection process.

• All applications must show proof of enrollment and include official copy(ies) of transcripts from high school and college (if currently attending college).

•    If applicant plans to attend a vocational/other school, proof of enrollment and proof of high school graduation with transcript must be provided.
•    Applicants may be requested to participate in a personal interview as part of the selection process.

All applications are to be submitted to the Scholarship Program in care of the PFRA and must be postmarked no later than May 16th of the current year.

Scholarship recipients will be selected by the “PFRA Scholarship Committee”, these are our notes.  The Committee pledges its best efforts to make these awards with a concentration on the quality of the application and fairness to each applicant.   Selection encompasses the following:
•    A numerical ranking of all applicants with emphasis on academic test scores and academic awards.
•    Your application must be complete – respond to all questions/requests completely.  If you cannot, provide an explanation – attention to details and complete responses matter.  Incomplete responses may disqualify your application.
•    Do not speak in acronyms – abbreviations/acronyms may have several meanings.  (However, we do understand SAT/ACT!)
•    Provide additional information when necessary to help us understand your “circumstances” – we do not know you, give us some help/insight!
•    Appearances matter – neatness, readability, timeliness of submittal.  You should spend as much time on your application as you expect us to spend on our review of it!
•    Recommendations from teachers and/or other professionals are impressive.
•    Your educational goals should be well thought-out and clearly stated.  Put some effort into this.  Fund-raising is hard work for us – convince us that if we give our funds to you, we will have made a good choice.
•    Understand that you are competing with other deserving applicants – give this your best effort!


Where Are They Now?
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2016 Scholarship Award Recipients
Madison Hokit, Ellys Rogers, and Matthew Biggerstaff.

madisonhokit ellysrogers


2014 Scholarship Award Recipients
Savannah Pecky, Torin Rogers, and Cadie Gafford.

2013 Scholarship Award Recipients
Tanner Tomlin, Presley Majka, and Meghan Matlock (no photo available)

2012 Scholarship Award Recipients
Cale “Reece” Hokit, Nicholas Benke, and Lauren Gladney (no photo available)

2011 Scholarship Award Recipients
Garrett Rogers, Sondra Hardie, and Laura Ruble


2010 Scholarship Award Recipients
Jordan Amadon, Katherine Schooling, and Victoria Banuelas


2009 Scholarship Award Recipients
Callie Swaner, Justin Baldia, Kristin Hardie

2008 Scholarship Award Recipients
Taylor Amadon, Randall Rasor, Sabrina Rasor, Kaile York

2007 Scholarship Award Recipients
Andrew Shafer, Andrew Mason, Daniel Smith, Ashley Edwards, Brandon Helm

2006 Scholarship Award Recipients
Sabrina Rasor, Chelsea Peacock, Emily Eastham, Ashley Edwards

2005 Scholarship Award Recipients
Michael Malone, Austin Combest, Justin Gladney, and Danielle Vice

2004 Scholarship Award Recipients
Emily Gibbs, Amanda Mason, Heather York, Chad Overman




The members of PFRA are proud that we have been able to support these young people in their pursuit of their goals and accomplishments.